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Erdkugel mit B2B-Anwednungen

B2B Brand Consulting,
Storytelling & Staging
for Industry Leaders

We ensure the rapid establishment of trust and distinctiveness of your brand and accelerate international order clarification!

B2B brand management for international use

As an agency manager, creative director and award-winning film producer, Gregor Jasch has been supporting international industry leaders in brand development and brand management for more than three decades using proven methods. Together with his team, he develops international campaigns with concise brand messages to accelerate order clarification, consolidate topic leadership and effectively counteract the shortage of skilled workers. 


We talk about vision and future, positioning, brand, values, culture, the development of new products and services and the linking of sales channels - online and stationary - with the necessary workflows and websites.


With mixed crews from Vienna and Berlin, we produce corporate and image films that reduce the costs of international B2B sales by up to minus 15%!

Overview of my services

  • Status Quo analysis

  • Analysis of existing resources

  • Analysis of required resources

Orientation, Vision & Funding


  • Focus on megatrends

  • Strategic alignment

  • Definition of lighthouse projects

Future, Trends & Positioning


  • Brand development & (re-)positioning

  • Development of the brand story 

  • Development of a value concept

Brand, Story & Culture


  • Development of a modular system for all messages to be used in daily operations

  • Deployment of brand messages to all touchpoints

  • Development of corporate films

Brand Staging


  • Development of marketing plans

  • Development of 100% responsive WIX websites

  • Development & implementation of online campaigns

Online Marketing


  • Business Model Innovation

  • Value Proposition Design

  • New Relationship Management

New Business Development


Overview of my services

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My consulting focus

In der Transformation lernen wir, dass alle Möglichkeiten in unserer Hand liegen. Wir entwickeln gemeinsam dazu einen Plan und begleiten dich bei der Umsetzung.

Business & Mindset Strategie


We work with you to develop particularly creative and effective ideas and strategies for your business so that the idea determines the coincidence and not the other way around.

Ideen- & Business Entwicklung


Well-known brands are like successful people, they make it clear what they stand for and develop trust and distinctiveness in a very short time.

Positioning & (personal) branding


We develop a modular text kit for your brand messages and stage them for all touchpoints on the customer journey.

Storytelling, Film & Staging


Als langjähriger Partner des WIX-Webseiten Builders erstellen wir deine Webseite mit allen nötigen Funktionen wie E-Commerce, Terminbuchungen und vieles mehr.

WIX-Webseiten & Online Marketing


1.Development Strategy

Marken-Analyse Methode

2.Ideas with Method

Stakeholder Management

3.Brands Staging

Titelbild Webseite B2B-Image.Film

Lectures on brand development & brand management

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